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hearing tests

Once you have taken that first, and often daunting step and booked your appointment for a hearing test, you will realise that the entire process is actually not as daunting as you originally thought. In fact, it’s often a wonderful life-changing experience.Your hearing and its effect on your daily functioning is our first priority.

Kelly Nathan Audiology will make every effort to provide you with the best service for your hearing needs, by understanding your hearing difficulties, hearing history, concerns and expectations in a warm and caring environment.

Your hearing will be tested using different advanced and highly specialised diagnostic procedures and equipment, to ascertain the extent and type of your hearing loss, as well as your hearing abilities.

The results are then explained and discussed, in order to determine the best possible hearing solutions for you, and if there is a need for further testing and referrals. Both yourself and your Audiologist will work together to find the personalised solution best suited for your needs, in order to improve your hearing and in turn, your quality of life.



Kelly Nathan Audiology has access to various highly specialised screening and diagnostic tests that enable us to assess the hearing and middle ear function of your child. These tests differ in type and duration, depending on the age of your child.
We are able to conduct hearing screening for neonates, as well as screening and diagnostic assessments for children of all ages, including middle ear analysis.


Kelly Nathan Audiology has experience in working extensively with many schools in Johannesburg, by providing on-site hearing screening services for school-going children from 3 years of age.

These services include the provision of parent consent forms to the school, in-depth hearing screening (including visual examination of the ear, middle ear analysis and hearing screening), and timeous, comprehensive feedback of results to the parent and school. Kelly Nathan Audiology prides itself on our professional and efficient work ethic.