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hearing accessories

hearing accessoriesTechnology is constantly advancing and improving. There have been wonderful new innovations and improvements over the last few years.

You can even adjust your hearing aids using your mobile phone. Chat to your Audiologist about the various accessories that connect your hearing aids to the TV, telephone, MP3 player, iPOD etc.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Kelly Nathan Audiology stocks all the necessary accessories needed to use, clean and manage your hearing aids.

These include, but are not limited to hearing aid batteries, rechargeable hearing aid batteries, battery testers, cleaning kits, dehumidifying capsules and kits, waxguards and wax removal tools.We are also able to retube standard earmoulds, and stock a wide range of slim tubes and domes for all your hearing aid needs.

Swim Plugs and Sleep Plugs

Kelly Nathan Audiology provides custom-made silicone sleep plugs or swim plugs in various colours – while you wait. These are suitable for both adults and children.We also stock generic reusable silicone sleep plugs and swim plugs if this is your preference.

Hearing Protectors

Kelly Nathan Audiology works closely with a manufacturer of hearing protectors, to supply small yet comfortable, custom-made earplugs. These are fitted with various filters to suit multiple noisy environments in order to protect and preserve hearing.

These hearing protectors are suitable for dentists, musicians and DJ’s, pilots or anyone working in or exposed to a noisy environment.

Media and Broadcasting Earpieces

Kelly Nathan Audiology has experience in providing custom-manufactured acrylic earmoulds, fitted with coiled or straight tubing for use in media, broadcasting or security details.




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